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Pacific Realty Investment

is a limited company registered under the Kenyan laws. We have been in the Real estate industry since 2008. Our Core business is to provide cheap but quality building solutions, we also deal with selling of land and property on behalf of clients.

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Do you have a piece of land you want to develop but don’t have a clue how to start construction?

Do you live in the diaspora but want to develop back home?

Hakuna matata!

We are here for you. We have years of experience in construction of budget homes. Our team is comprised of a land surveyor, an architect and an engineer all at your disposal to help you come up with the perfect design as well as to advice you on the best cost effective designs.

If you are in the diaspora we will organize effective means of communication via Skype or your preferred platform where we will go on to plan and design with you every step of the way. We are flexible enough so as to achieve your desired concept.

After the blueprints are agreed upon, a budget for the entire project will be drawn up and will not at any one point be increased. If they are, you are entitled to seek legal action. Yes, we mean every word of it. Note however that if you makes changes to the plan that result to changes in the budget, you will be obliged to cater for the extra costs.

On paying the deposit, everything will be in our hands. Construction we will provide you with periodical pictures of the project. You are also free to make periodical visits to see the progress of your property.

All the processes will be professionally managed to ensure no shortcuts are taken and that all materials used are of high quality. After completion, we will.


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Pacific Realty Investment

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