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Watts Auctions

Watts Auctioneers is a licensed firm that offers the following services within Kenya: Corporate Debt Collection services, distress for Rent services, and realization of Banks / Financial Institutions Charged Securities, repossessions of Chattel Goods, public Auctions within Kenya, Corporate Goods Public Auctions, Government Department, Property Public Auctions, and Household Goods Disposal by Public Auction, and Enforcement of Court Warrants. The procedure we follow in carrying out the auctioneering and repossession business is strictly in accordance with the Auctioneers Act.

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Charged securities/property are items pledged as security to banks and other financial institutions to act as guarantee that monies advanced to the owners thereof shall be repaid promptly in accordance with the terms of the agreements. The property pledged as security may be movable assets, land and buildings, stock in trade or any other security acceptable to the lender.


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Watts Auctions

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