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Regent Auctioneers

Regent Auctioneers was founded in 1979 by Mr. Peter M. Gachie. It was first given a license to do Auctioneering services in Western Kenya. We worked there until 1983 when we opened our offices in Nairobi for the same work of Auctioneering services.

We are Auctioneers, Official Court brokers, Court Bailiffs, Process Servers, Repossessors, Investigators and Estate Agents.

Our stores and offices are comprehensively insured against fire and theft. We have a Professional Indemnity Cover of KSH 10 Million.

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We carry out enforcement for courts, mainly in recovering payment of unpaid court judgments, seize and sell goods to recover a debt. Bailiffs can also affect and supervise the possession of the property and the return of goods under hire purchase agreements, and serve court documents. They also execute arrest warrants and search warrants.

A tipstaff (an officer of the high court), can call on court bailiffs to aid them in serving personal papers such as oral examinations, and divorce papers, if necessary.


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Regent Auctioneers

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