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JoyInc Solutions Limited

JoyInc Solutions Limited provides credit only micro and nano credit/finance solutions to the unbanked, low income earners who have little or no access to traditional financial services.

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Product Details

4 in 1 Solar Home Lighting

Price: KES 11,000
Availablility: In Stock
Collection Location: Free Delivery Within Nairobi. To be confirmed for other locations.
Product Description:  

Unique Designed 4 in 1 Solar Home Lighting

Super Bright LEDs

Digital AM/FM Radio

MP3 Player

USB Port and USB Charger for Phones

100% Solar Powered

Battery/ Charging Indicator

LED 4*2W LED Bulbs 180 Lumens Each
Sealed Lead Acid Battery Sealed MAh 12V
Solar Panel 15W 17V
Rated Output Current 8A
Rated Output - Voltage 12V
Solar Charging Time 7-8 Hours Bright Sunlight
Lighting Time 51 Hours for 1 LED Bulbs, 13 hrs for 4 LED Bulbs
Materials ABS
Warranty 2 Years


Free Delivery Within Nairobi.



Product: 4 in 1 Solar Home Lighting

KES:  11,000

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JoyInc Solutions Limited

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