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Riri Cars

High class dealers in New and Used Motor Vehicles. We have high profile and low profile vehicles at our yard in Ridgeways, Kiambu road.

Sport Utility vehicles (SUVs), Station Wagons, Compact Hatchbacks, Subcompact hatchbacks, we have them all. 


"We are More than Just Style"

Featured Products & Services

For Sale : Nissan X-trail

 2009-2000cc- Automatic -petrol

Price: KES 1,850,000

For Sale : Toyota premio

 2007-1800cc- Automatic -petrol

Price: KES 1,300,000

For Sale : Toyota Wish

 2009-2000cc- Automatic -petrol

Price: KES 1,470,000

For Sale : Toyota premio

 2009-1800cc- Automatic -petrol

Price: KES 1,600,000

For Sale : Mitsubishi out lander

 2006-2400cc-Automatic- petrol

Price: KES 1,300,000

For Sale : Nissan x-trail

 2008-2000cc- Automatic- petrol

Price: KES 1,650,000

For Sale : Nissan Bluebird

 2009-2000cc-Automatic -petrol

Price: KES 1,000000

For Sale : Toyota Axio

 2009- 1500cc-Automatic - petrol

Price: KES 1,220000

For Sale : Toyota Belta

 2007-1300cc-Automatic- petrol

Price: KES 700,000

For Sale : Honda Crossroad

 2008-1800cc- Automatic- petrol

Price: KES 1,2000000

For Sale : Toyota Vitz

 2008- 1000cc-Automatic -petrol

Price: KES 600,000

For Sale : Toyota Vitz

 2008-1000cc- petrol - Automatic

Price: KES 700,000

For Sale : Toyota Noah X 2.0L GREY

 2009-2000cc-7seater- Alloy rims-Reverse camera

Price: KES 1,600,000

For Sale : Toyota Premio X

 2008-1800cc- Reverse camera- fog lights-Arm rest

Price: KES 1,590,000

For Sale : Toyota Passo 1.0L RED

 2009-1000cc- Dashboard screen-power steering

Price: KES 600,000

For Sale : Mazda Verisa

 2008-1500cc Reverse camera- Alloy rims- Arm rest

Price: KES 800,000

For Sale : Toyota Vitz

 2008 - 1300cc- Arm rest- cup holders-5 seater

Price: KES 700,000

For Sale : Toyota Corolla NZE XLI

 2003- 1500cc -Body sensors - Fog light-Arm rest

Price: KES 650,000

For Sale : Mazda Axela

 2008 - 1500cc - headlight beam control- Arm rest

Price: KES 980,000

For Sale : Nissan Xtrail 2.0L

 2001 -2000cc -Atomatic D-2 -Fog lights

Price: KES 1,850,000

For Sale : Nissan Teana 250XV 2.0L

 2008- 2000cc -Alloy rims- adjustable seats

Price: KES 1 Million

For Sale : Toyota Corolla Axio X

 2009 - 1500cc- Anti mist system -Alloy rims

Price: KES 1,150,000

For Sale : Toyota Premio X

 2008 - 1800cc -Reverse camera -Anti mist system

Price: KES 1,350,000

For Sale : Honda CR-V

 2009- 2000cc -Anti mist system- Reverse camera

Price: KES 2,200,000

For Sale : Toyota Land Cruiser Prado TX 2.7L

 2010- 2700cc -7seater -Anti mist-Reverse camera

Price: KES 4,800,000

For Sale : Mercedes C180 2L

 2007- 2000cc - Anti mist system- Alloy rims

Price: KES 1,400,000


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Address:  Ridgeways, Kiambu Road.

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