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Nairobi Connection Auctioneers

Nairobi Connection services Auctioneers is a firm of auctioneers based in Nairobi - Kenya and was established in September 1991 offering diverse services including conducting Public Auctions, Debt Collections, Court Process Services, Repossessions, Private Investigations, Realization of Charged Properties and Execution of Court Orders, Warrants of attachment, Distress for Rent and sale of movable and immovable properties.

Timothy Otieno Awuor a class B Licenses holder is the lead auctioneer assisted by Allan Samuel Otieno a class A licensed Auctioneer. The firm has her registered offices at, View park Tower 4th Floor, Wing C,Suite 1, Utalii Lane and is a member of the National Association of Kenya Auctioneers, the umbrella body of the auction industry in Kenya.


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